Monday, November 14, 2005

Riya up for grabs

Recenly california based startup riya has been generating a lot of buzz. Thanks to their face recognition and text recognization technology. They have thrown in all the stuff of flickr with the zing of face recognition. And going by the initial reaction of a few, it works well.

Are you also thinking what i'm thinking?
Yes, that now it has generated enough buzz just to get noticed by the Big Three(Google, Yahoo, MS) and get acquired. Out of these yahoo already has flickr so its out of the race.
It best fits the bill of google as it's boasting of all the advanced research and tech which are
google TM. It'll also bridge the gap from getting your photos from picassa to the web.

As for microsoft, they are not much into online photos thing. But as always they might decide to take the plunge, though late, and come out winner. ( Thinking about the browser war?)
And riya will arm them with just the right start needed to do it.

Or may be the riya CEO doesn't want to sell out at all or at a later stage which seems highly unlikely coz it's not a normal thing when someone from Big Three comes knocking on your door.


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