Saturday, November 12, 2005


Just downloaded picaboo as it was posted by robert scoble .
And what i got? Sheer disappointment.
It's a desktop app built in .Net which tries to bring flickr to your desktop.
But according to me they have failed miserably. Even a few months into version 1.0 and i don't see ne acceptance for it.
Picassa doesn't have all of the things which picaboo has but picassa does things which are supposed to be done by a desktop photo manager and might i add, it does it rather gracefully.
What do they expect of a user? That he'll copy his pics from camera to PC and than edit them in another software and import them to picaboo for sharing. It's too much to ask for a user.
I'll be happy to just copy them from a camera to picassa and then post it to my blog or send them by hello or email them or... the list goes on.
And above all the person viewing them need not have picassa unlike picaboo which is a closed network.

There is much more expected of a app apart form cool UI and presentation.


At 13 November, 2005, Anonymous Robert Scoble said...

Just to be clear, what excited me about Picaboo was their 2.0 software that's coming out soon.


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