Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Here comes windows online desktop

Remember in my last post something desktop on browser.
The recent announcement of windows live and office live makes it come true.
It's still in beta and seems like it was released to meet some deadlines but as always in a few days we can expect to get some things fixed by MS.
Google has also made more inroads by offering rss reader which had many initial bugs unlike the previous google beta products. Seems google is now trying hard to keep up with the market expectations of their quarterly results.
Google has also now started consolidating it's different services to one account.( Recently it started linking orkut accounts to google accounts.)
It would be nice to have a nice personalized google homepage where you can orkut, read rss feeds, read mail and blog. That would make a complete google online desktop.

And now waiting for yahoo to announce its feed reader after a nice podcasting service and mail.
(Didn't had a chance to try new mail, send me an invite if u hav one.)


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