Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Google Base

Google has virtually become a factory which consistently churns out products every 1-2 months.
Needless to say all it's web based products have to be scalable as ppl flock to use their product atleast once after it is released.
They seem to be in such a hurry that their products no longer have the trademark reliablity of "it just works". They are in all aspects "Beta". It happened with google talk, happened with google reader and it continues with google base.

As soon as i went to google base, you can see above what happened.

As they r google, and it's a web app we can expect that it'll be back on track in a few days.

Apart from that, there's a lot of confusion over what exactly is the use of google base.
For me, it's a one stop shop for all the "user generated content", u get assured google index and free hosting for lifetime. It can be a substitute to your blog, your flickr homepage or craiglist for that matter. It can provide free hosting to small business.

It can do a lot more than we can currently imagine.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Bloggers on a roll

On the heels of vistadb offering it's database free to bloggers, now component factory are offering it's dotnetmagic library to bloggers who blog about their Krypton toolkit.

About Krypton toolkit:

The Krypton Toolkit has been released
It provides user interface controls for Windows Forms
It is targeted at Visual Studio 2005 and .NET Framework 2.0
It is free for commercial use
A link to give me my copy

Riya up for grabs

Recenly california based startup riya has been generating a lot of buzz. Thanks to their face recognition and text recognization technology. They have thrown in all the stuff of flickr with the zing of face recognition. And going by the initial reaction of a few, it works well.

Are you also thinking what i'm thinking?
Yes, that now it has generated enough buzz just to get noticed by the Big Three(Google, Yahoo, MS) and get acquired. Out of these yahoo already has flickr so its out of the race.
It best fits the bill of google as it's boasting of all the advanced research and tech which are
google TM. It'll also bridge the gap from getting your photos from picassa to the web.

As for microsoft, they are not much into online photos thing. But as always they might decide to take the plunge, though late, and come out winner. ( Thinking about the browser war?)
And riya will arm them with just the right start needed to do it.

Or may be the riya CEO doesn't want to sell out at all or at a later stage which seems highly unlikely coz it's not a normal thing when someone from Big Three comes knocking on your door.


Just got a positive review about my blog with some nice piece of advice from none other than my sister. It matters not coz it's from my sis but coz she is a Master in computer application and has a hell lot more experience than what i have.

Thanks sis

More jeers and cheers welcome through comments or by a email to me.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Just downloaded picaboo as it was posted by robert scoble .
And what i got? Sheer disappointment.
It's a desktop app built in .Net which tries to bring flickr to your desktop.
But according to me they have failed miserably. Even a few months into version 1.0 and i don't see ne acceptance for it.
Picassa doesn't have all of the things which picaboo has but picassa does things which are supposed to be done by a desktop photo manager and might i add, it does it rather gracefully.
What do they expect of a user? That he'll copy his pics from camera to PC and than edit them in another software and import them to picaboo for sharing. It's too much to ask for a user.
I'll be happy to just copy them from a camera to picassa and then post it to my blog or send them by hello or email them or... the list goes on.
And above all the person viewing them need not have picassa unlike picaboo which is a closed network.

There is much more expected of a app apart form cool UI and presentation.

.Net rant

Been programming in .Net for quite a while now.
As the days pass by i become more and more convinced that anyone who wishes to something other than the run of the mill stuff shouln't program in .Net.
Whenever i wish to do something which is not obvious in .Net i go to god(read google) just to find out that the thing which i want to do can only be achieved by some windows api calls.

All microsoft has done in .Net is to make a few advanced methods so the programmer can save a few lines of code. Like making a httpwebrequest class so that the programmer didn't have to deal with sockets at all. Those thing are good and make a lot of sense but one thing that they forgot is that i need all of the power of the native languages even when programming in C#.

Like if go about making a windows explorer like listview which has all the grouping and stuff.
I simply can't. Though they have provided a listview built in but for the grouping functionality u hav to go through the api calls. If a programmer is able to have that functionality anyway why not built it in .Net in the first place?

If you go about making a full app in .Net with a few advanced UI elements and stuff thrown in u simply won't be able to do that in pure .Net. In the end all you will be doing is searching the net for the correct api call. Or go to a forum and wait for a geek who has 2-3 yrs of experience in com programming to answer your question.

Whatever i've said i'm sure folks at MS know it already.
It's been like this all this while and it's not gonna change.
They make each component 3 times - once for the OS, another advanced one for their office apps and one crappy version for visual studio. They will give the developers enough power just to lag behind their apps.

And look at times bill gates has mentioned developers and partners in his latest leaked memo. I wouldn't be surprized if that memo was meant only to be "leaked".

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ego searching

Guess what u'll get when u'll search for skotie on google, you guessed it right, u'll get this page.
Though when u search for sourabh kothari this page figures 6th and surprisingly my old imeem blog is the top result. Still, when searching for skot my page is nowhere to be found :( ( .

Monday, November 07, 2005

Vista db for bloggers !!

Have used their version 2.0. Can't wait to get my hands on version 2.1

VistaDB 2.1 database for .NET has been released
This 2.1 update includes over 60 improvements, including new support for .NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005. VistaDB is a small-footprint, embedded SQL database alternative to Jet/Access, MSDE and SQL Server Express 2005 that enables developers to build .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 applications. Features SQL-92 support, small 500KB embedded footprint, free 2-User VistaDB Server for remote TCP/IP data access, royalty free distribution for both embedded and server, Copy 'n Go! deployment, managed ADO.NET Provider, data management and data migration tools. Free trial is available for download.
- Learn more about VistaDB
- Repost this to your blog and receive a FREE copy of VistaDB 2.1!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Apple stock

If you think that google stock has been doing really well, think again.
The returns which you would hav got if u had invested in apple than google one year before would have been much better.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

MS v/s Silicon valley

For a long time now i've thinking to map Micorsoft's competition.
But everytime i started writing about it, every single company in silicon valley came up.
Now Om Malik has taken some pain and counted all the companies and put them in a nice image for u which is aptly titled "Microsoft Versus Silicon Valley".
Though not all of them belong to the silicon valley but u can take silicon valley as a general term for all the tech companies.

Here comes windows online desktop

Remember in my last post something desktop on browser.
The recent announcement of windows live and office live makes it come true.
It's still in beta and seems like it was released to meet some deadlines but as always in a few days we can expect to get some things fixed by MS.
Google has also made more inroads by offering rss reader which had many initial bugs unlike the previous google beta products. Seems google is now trying hard to keep up with the market expectations of their quarterly results.
Google has also now started consolidating it's different services to one account.( Recently it started linking orkut accounts to google accounts.)
It would be nice to have a nice personalized google homepage where you can orkut, read rss feeds, read mail and blog. That would make a complete google online desktop.

And now waiting for yahoo to announce its feed reader after a nice podcasting service and mail.
(Didn't had a chance to try new mail, send me an invite if u hav one.)