Thursday, September 22, 2005

Everything's Ajaxy

Since the term was first coined in february by James Garrett there seems to be a mania to convert each and every site to ajax. Though google showed the way by using ajax in gmail, it's only now that we are seeing some real good applications made in ajax.
You can find a good list of new and upcoming ajax apps in a compilation by Dan Grossman here and here. Out of them meebo and writely seems pretty new and innovative.

Well, what took so long for ajax apps to pick up. May be increasing reach of broadband which has made loading even ajax apps pretty fast, coz even now if the u hav a li'l less bandwidth than gmail fails to load. Then thrs the advantage of just opening a browser and launch the app instead of downloading a appication and installing it. The first generation of ajax apps is all about personal management as in calander, todolists, contacs, email, IM. Still i feel ajax is in it's infancy and there will be more innovative apps we r goin to see in near future. Soon we'll be seeing apps with a gr8 degree of consolidation. Like yahoo seems to be doin in it's beta mail.
I see a imminent war in whr u have a online desktop in ur browser. Either it'll be yahoo desktop or google desktop or micorsoft desktop(doubtfull, who'll buy office ;))

Seems like flash is also getting a upgrade from irritating ads to full sites and applications in goowy.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

WoW !

What a phenomenon. If you are wondering what wow is then i'm referring to the breakthrough game by blizzard "World of Warcraft".
Riding high on it's success blizzard has been making some obscene amounts of money out of it which, before WoW was released, noone thought a game development company could make.
Currently WoW is with 4 million subscribers and still going strong. In the times of Sony's Everquest, when it had half a million subscribers it was believed they have tapped all the ppl who r willing to pay a monthly fee for gaming have been tapped. How times change...

Now, chances are that if you are a game company and your name is not blizzard you are probably thinking of ways to make a WoW killer. Eventually it has to happen but in near future, i don't see that happening. Well, there are some pretty good reasons to believe that.
With all that wow gold selling on ebay and people buying new hardware just to improve their wow gaming expierience. And with blizzard claiming that at any time there are atleast 500,000 subscribers online.