Sunday, August 21, 2005


Though podcasting has been around for quite some time now its only now that the thing is catching up mostly due to The Big Apple giving it the official status by integrating podcasting into iTunes 4.9. As most of the apple products listening and donwloading podcasts on iTunes is a breeze. You just select which podcasts u want to listen to and iTunes checks and updates and downloads them for u. Ofcourse the podcasts page in the apple music store adds more zing.
Now with Apple quoting podcasts as the next big thing people surely would listen.
Now tech companies are coming out and sponsoring the podcasts we sure are goin to see more and more of them. One thing i would like to see in podcasts is that some important info should be included in with the info tag, that is the description which appears for each episode on iTunes.
Nothing much but just some handy info and urls which we heard in the show. Nobody cares to open a notepad or browser and note down the url which was just spoken in the show as www dot this this that dot com.
The one big question is what lies in it that Apple is going all out and embracing podcasts.
It sure is a cool tech and having Apple's name associated with it is gr8. As more and more ppl hear abt it, it sure is goin to help Apple a lot in gaining over the Redmond Giant. But what abt the revenue model, is thr ne? Or Apple just wants to cash in on podcasts' popularity into its other products.


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